Creating a calm environment for your new Puppy

Creating a calm environment for your new Puppy

We spend the first 9 weeks of your puppy’s life creating a calm and nurturing environment for them so that when they go to their new homes, you can continue in the similar practises that we have been doing to make your puppies transition as pleasant as possible for both of you.

It is very stressful for a young pup to be torn away from his mother and siblings and the home that he has known his entire life and thrust into the care of new owners, who no doubt love him with all their entirety, but still for him, it is new and foreign and can be quite scary.

Nap Time

Every time we have put the pups down for a nap over the past 9 weeks, we have followed a set ritual in the hope that if you too follow this ritual your nap times should be smooth and your puppy should feel comforted by the familiarity of its environment.

Music.  We play on repeat the beautiful lullaby album Sweet Dreams from Sandi Patty.  It is available from iTunes for $16.99.  The pups love it and just settle down for a nap straight away.  Be careful, it will likely send everyone in the vicinity to sleep.




Diffusing Oils. We diffuse Lavender essential oil or the Doterra Serenity Blend.  Dogs are very tuned in to the potent effects of essential oils and diffusing these oils in the pups bedroom or around where he is sleeping will calm him and help him settle



Magnesium. We apply a line of magnesium oil down the pups back and dabs on the soles of their paws.  Magnesium has a multitude of benefits for your pup and I have written in depth in another post.  We have included some Magnesium wipes in your puppy kit.


Organic, natural bedding. Your pup has been sleeping on organic wool bedding, with a washable organic cotton cover over it. You can source a “cot mattress” from Blessed Earth or often they come up on Gumtree.  I do recommend also getting a mattress protector if you do get the cot mattress,  If this is too expensive, can I suggest purchasing a woollen doona from k-mart, single size is about $39, and a cotton cover for it.  You can fold this in half and get a good weeks use out of it by changing sides before it will need to be cleaned. We also give them a number of sheepskins to lay on during the day.  Natural fibres play an important role in the quality of your pups sleep.


All but one of these has been cleaned daily over the last 9 weeks.  The one that hasn’t is full of smells of mum and siblings (don’t sniff it too hard).  I have cut this up into equal pieces and sent a piece along with your pup.  The equivalent if you like of a child’s “blanky”   Eventually he will outgrow the need for it, but for now it will provide him some comfort.



Dealing with stress.  We keep in our kit, along with lavender essential oils and magnesium, which are both great de stressers, a a number of Australian Bush Flower essences.  If your pup is flying to you, he or she will have been dosed with a shot of the travel bush flower essence in order to prepare him for the journey.  Other pups that are collected will be given a shot or Emergency Essence prior to leaving here.  We recommend you invest in some Transition Essence to help make their transition into your family a pleasant one.


These small but familiar habits will help to make the transition of your pup from our baby to your best friend a smooth and hopefully tear free one.

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