For inside, we love woollen bedding for our dogs – and they do too.

However, I am not about to drop a couple of thou on a new mattress just for them. Keep a close eye on Gumtree for second hand Blessed Earth Mattresses.  The cot mattresses are usually large enough, but if you’re super keen, you can pick up the occasional single or even double second hand one for them to snooze on.  Keep it protected and clean with a good mattress protector and you’ll find that it won’t smell.

Failing that, Snooza do a much thinner version of the woollen bedding in Dane size that our guys have never complained about.

The large metal framed outdoor beds with a jute/hessian  cover, doubled up are fabulous for outdoor bedding.  The jute rubs their bodies and helps to shed any loose fur …..outside 🙂

We always use two hessian bags over our mats secured tightly with cable ties to give extra strength and life to the bedding.