Your puppy is sold to you on Limited Register, which means that is not to be bred with.  However, this does not mean that we insist you desex your pup.

Desexing is something that is recommended by Local Councils in lieu of training your dog well and ensuring it is adequately secured.

Many breeders insist upon desexing contracts in order to prevent cross breeding or back yard breeding.

Well here is something new.  We are going to ask you, and trust that if you choose not to desex your dog that you will honour your word and not breed with them.

Council will charge you a fortune annually to own an intact dog or bitch.  However, throughout our many years of Dane ownership, if there is one thing that we have learned it is that the sexual organs have purpose other than reproduction.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s some fabulous science to back it up:

Spay-Neuter Considerations in Light of Recent Evidence: One Veterinarian’s Opinion

It is clear that the gonads are not just important for reproduction, but play a critical role in growth, development and long- term health. One study showed that spayed bitches had 30x higher levels of luteinizing hormone than intact bitches (42), and given that this hormone has receptors on diverse tissues throughout the body (43), it is possible that the lack of a feedback loop for this hormone might contribute to some of the negative effects of gonadectomy, at least in females. –


If you wish to neuter your male, please consider a vasectomy rather than a gonadectomy (full removal of the sexual reproductive organs).

At this point in time there is not an alternative solution for desexing of bitches that we recommend, however if you are going to desex your bitch, if you can wait until she has reached physical maturity we understand that this will have less of a negative effect than if done as a pup.