Health Testing

We health test all of our breeding dogs with the following tests and desired results:

  • Hip & Elbow x-rays that are sent off to be scored and return a score lower than 9.
  • Lateral neck x-ray, looking for any signs of Wobblers and return a negative result.
  • Shoulder, looking for any signs of OCD and return a negative result.
  • Thyroid blood test returning a value of ‘Normal’. Test to performed annually.
  • Eye certification. A specialist not a regular Vet assesses the dog’s eyes and provides a certificate of what they did or didn’t find, ideally they shouldn’t find anything. If they do, we determine what was found and how this might be passed on.
  • Heart. A dog will have an annual ECG or similar. This is not a regular Vet simply listening to the dogs heart.
  • Degenerate Myelopathy – Saliva DNA test, this is a new genetic test relative to Fawn & Brindle dogs. ┬áThis test is included for our dogs as a matter of course by the tester even though none of them are Fawn or Brindle
  • Centronuclear Myopathy – looking for a normal or clear result.