Healthy Every Day Pets

We have never fed a kibble prior to Healthy Every Day Pets coming onto the market.

The simple reason being that so many kibbles are full of garbage, fillers, and stuff that dogs simply have no business eating.

Healthy Every Day Pets is straight up meat, vegetables and natural supplements with a little tapioca flour to bind it all together.

Whilst there are some other brands made overseas available here, that are similar in ingredients and composition, in their own countries they are outstanding, however when they are brought into Australia they go through a process called irradiation to kill any bacteria and bugs. Unfortunately this process also kills off a significant portion of the nutrients.  Studies have not been done to determine exactly how detrimental irradiation is to our pets, but for my money, why would you?  When there is just as good an alternative available made right here in Australia from Healthy Every Pets

We like it so much that we’ve put a link on our site to Vanity Fur’s website so that you can buy it online from them.