Registration and Microchip

Dogs Queensland

Your puppy comes registered with the Australian National Kennel Council, under it’s affiliate Dogs Queensland.

A free limited membership comes with your puppy, however if you wish to show or trial your pup,  you will need to become a full member of Dogs Queensland.

Membership forms can be downloaded from here, or an online application can be submitted here.

Dogs Queensland are responsible for all registered breeders in Queensland, all showing of dogs in Queensland and all obedience trials of dogs in Queensland.

Central Animal Records

Your puppy comes microchipped so that it can be identified if it is ever lost or God forbid stolen.  The microchip details will need to be registered with your local council.  Most councils require you to register your dog once he or she is 6 months of age.

You must register with Central Animal Records so that your contact details are linked to your pup.

Great Dane Society of Queensland

The Great Dane Society of Queensland is the breed club for Danes, and organises breed specialty championship and open shows.  They do some breed education and are a point of contact about breed specific information.  It is not essential that you join, however they can be very helpful.