When your puppy is going to grow to between 50kg and 100kg its obedience doesn’t just become something that you should get around to, it becomes an incredible priority.

Many people weigh less than their adult Danes, and I myself have broken a number of ribs dealing with other people’s undisciplined dogs.  They get big quickly, and hard to handle even quicker.

Even a trip to the vets can become an absolute nightmare if you are in the waiting room with an inquisitive Dane and some poor unsuspecting other patient.

That Obedience Guy, Ross Allan operates on the Sunshine Coast and has been training dogs for over 60 years, for the Defence and Police Forces, Security Dogs and even just pets.  We have worked with Ross since we met him in 2000 and he trained our first Dane.

If you are not on the Coast and can’t either get to his regular classes or benefit from his private lessons, I strongly encourage you to buy one of his books and read it, because believe it or not, the obedient Dane is more about you than it is about your dog!


An obedient Dane is an absolute joy to own, and a disobedient one, well, they usually end up hurting someone or in a shelter.