Guardian Homes

We love our Danes! But unfortunately there is a limit to the number of Danes we can give a genuine family experience in our home, and this is very important to us. It is​​ not our goal to become a large kennel and we like to know that each of our Danes is given individual attention, love and care that comes with being part of a family.

That is where a Guardian Home comes in!

A Guardian Home is a home that takes one of our dogs and raises it as their own.

We still own the dog for the duration of the contract to breed with, or use as a stud. We pay for everything related to breeding. The Guardian Home pays for the day to day expenses of having a dog; food, parasite treatments, grooming and toys and vet bills.   In the case of a female, when it is is time for her to mate, and have puppies, she comes back to us at the beginning of her season, and stays for successful mating.

She can then either be returned to the guardian home for her pregnancy and come back to us a week before they are due, and stay until puppies are weaned, generally around 8 – 10 weeks, OR she can stay with us for the duration of her pregnancy and whelping, which would be around 20 weeks.


Vigoroso Guardian Home

All ages considered

Both puppies and mature dogs can be included in our Danes Guardian programme. Our guardian families must live within approximately one hour of Maleny, Queensland. You need to be flexible and happy to work in with us…we do try not to disrupt your life too much!

The contract is very clear and straight forward, and you must be wiling to abide by the terms and conditions therein. When his/her breeding career is over, he/she retires to your home forever, and legally becomes your dog.

This is not for everyone. You must be willing to work in with us, the breeders, and abide by conditions of the contract. If you think you would like to have one of our Great Danes, and welcome them into your home as part of your family, and help promote this wonderful breed, please contact ​us.

We would enjoy discussing the possibilities with you.