So you’d like a Great Dane?

I can totally understand why!

They are simply magnificent animals.  The Apollo of the dog world.  But how do you know that a Dane is the right dog for you?

Firstly let’s be very clear, if you (and we) decide that your home should be the new home for one of our beautiful babies, and your circumstances change and you find yourself unable to care for your Dane.  Please allow us to be your first point of contact.  We will work with you to re-home your Dane.  Obviously this is not something that we want to happen, but we do not want to see our babies being passed from home to home through no fault of their own, and we are often the best placed to find forever homes for them.

That being said, it is our job to help you determine whether or not you can make the 10-12 year commitment to have a Dane in your family.

Everything is more expensive with a Dane

In the dog world, most things are calculated by weight.  So naturally, if you have a jumbo size dog everything is going to be more expensive.  Food, medical care, bedding everything that you need to buy for your Dane is going to be far more expensive than if you had a Spoodle.

Everything is bigger

The dog bowls are bigger, their water requirement is greater, the amount of room they take up is bigger, the amount of hair they shed is greater (unless you have a Golden Retriever).  The poops they drop are bigger.  The fences you’ll need will be higher.

The amount of love they need is GREATER!  These dogs have the biggest hearts.  They are so affectionate, and they need love desperately.  They are not like a working dog, content with a couple of good walks.  These beautiful creatures need family cuddles, kind words, intelligent conversation and words of love and encouragement.

Fitness and Activity

The default position for most of our Danes is lying flat on their backs, legs in the air, all day long.  These dogs are no athletes.  Yes they can run, and run very fast.  We have clocked some of our Danes at 70km/hour over short bursts. But they have no stamina.  Do not buy a Dane and think that they are going to be your distance running partner.

Exercise is absolutely critical to their health, both mental and physical.  However most Danes are satisfied with a daily 15 minute walk or a short run in the local dog park.

They absolutely love water, the beach, creeks, dams, but are not strong swimmers, and again this comes back to stamina.  Even if all you can manage is a 10 minute run around the block, the ability to get out and clear the cobwebs out of their system is really important.  You may even benefit a little too.


I have owned two Danes in a small house with a small backyard for a number of years.  Given that they are layabouts, this is not a problem as long as you are prepared to exercise them at least five times a week.  If you don’t, you will see problems from frustration of being locked up such as digging, chewing, destroying things, but it really affects them mentally.

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